Rest Awaits with Harvest Retreats!

Our society is addicted to hustle culture. We've all heard phrases like "The grind doesn't stop", or "Hustle until your haters ask if you're hiring"--but when you truly consider what comes along with living by that kind of ideology (burnout, anyone?) it quickly becomes unsustainable. 

Let's face it, we need rest! Giving ourselves a moment to flow in ease allows for rejuvenation, and with that comes a fresh outlook and perspective on all of life's challenges. 

What better way is there to rest than resting in luxury? Harvest Retreats offers two unique retreat options. The Bloom retreat is a sacred space for small service-based business owners to deepen their roots and create growth opportunities. This retreat offers attendants the opportunity to escape from the daily grind, collaborate with peers and industry professionals, identify goals and how to reach them, and discover community with fellow small business owners.

The Rooted Retreat is meant to help you learn to care for your mind, body, and spirit in a sustainable way. Prioritizing self care becomes a breeze with activities like breathwork, guided meditation, nature walks, swimming, and much more!  

Each retreat experience comes with airport pickup/dropoff, your own room with en-suite bathroom, meals prepared by a private chef with your dietary needs in mind, and activities that will help you unlock a more balanced version of yourself. 

When we take time to acknowledge our own needs, we increase our ability to meet the needs of others. We can all benefit from moments of ease, when will you take yours?